Óscar Bueno


I imagine a stage. I imagine a person on that stage. In silence. I imagine the spectators looking at this person in this stage. I imagine this person moving. I imagine the observation of these spectators that are watching. I imagine that the person on the stage explains that each movement is a sound. I imagen that the person on stage starts to move again. I imagine the minds of the spectators beginning to sound. I imagine their sound trip. I imagen that in that huge silence a lot of marvelous musics are appearing, so I imagine that there is no silence anymore.

Soundtrack is a soundtrack and it is also the soundtrack of itself.

And at the same time there are many soundtracks, as many as there are listeners, as many as there are “performers”. Because the listener and the performer are the same person. The performer is the sheet: a sheet that manipulate a lot of sheets. Therefore Soundtrack is the soundtrack of several soundtracks listened and made by multiple listener/ performers.

In Soundtrack I work with the idea of Soundidation. An invented word through a small etymological drift:

• Imagen: from latin imago (portrait, copy, imitation).

• Imaginación: from latin imaginatio. It means “action and effect of forming a mental figure” (an image). Its lexical components are: imago (portrait), plus the suffix -ción (action and effect).

• Sonido: from latin sonitus and it means “feeling of listening”. Its lexical components are : sonare (to make a noise), plus the suffix -ido (quality perceptible by the senses).

• Sonidación (Soundidation): action and effect of forming a mental sound. Its lexical components are: sonare (to produce a sound), plus the suffix -ción (action and effect).

Creación:Óscar Bueno
Acompañamiento: Anto Rodríguez, Amalia Fernándz y Cris Blanco
Coproducción: La Casa Encendida
14, 15 dicember 2023 - SUPERNOVA Festival (Madrid)
29, 30 september 2023 - TNT Festival