1985, Avilés, Asturias. I’m graduated in piano in the conservatory of Avilés. I’m graduated in Performing and Drama theater. All my practice moves non-stop between the musical, the choreographic and the visual, in a more or less premeditated way. I am an author but I also work accompanying processes by other artists, which lead to theaters and hybrid contexts of the European experimental scene. I am a performer in both fields, and I am a musician. Visuality or work in drawing shapes a central exploration in my work, which communicates with these other disciplines in a natural way.  I consider my artistic work is an hybrid between music (and music composition), stage, action and image. I haver presented my work and collaborations in spaces like: Mercat de les Flors, Teatros del Canal, Centro Conde Duque, BUDA, Kaai theater, farº festival, La Casa Encendida, MACBA, CA2M, Museo Reina Sofía, Matadero Madrid, etc.

I maintain different open processes that are connected to each other and that have been developing over the years and that have crystallized or are crystallizing as follows:

.Soundidation. Long term project. I work in the idea of creating music mentally. Inside Sounditation there are several projects:
    .Studies for soundidation. 
      .Studies for soundidation 1.
      .Studies for soundidation 2.
      .Studies for soundidation 3.

    .Amarillo chillón. 

.Big Square. Funded by Madrid Goverment, with its help to creation of music scores. A score for 40 women. In this work I use the space as a ground to research about the possibilities of crate space an emotion

.Easy music. In process. Musical composition that focuses on the idea of generating music 

As composer and sound designer I have worked in:

.Magical and Elastic. Composer.
.The Stain. Sound designer.
.Arriba. Sound designer.
.Supernova. Composer and sound designer.
.Grandísima Ilussione. Composer.

I also collaborate with several artists as Cuqui Jerez, María Jerez, Anto Rodríguez, Cris Blanco, Itxaso Corral and Amalia Fernández in a position of performer and co-creator.