In production

Apoyatura is part of a research project called "Los paisajes ajenos” (more or less “The other landscapes”). In this project I ask myself questions about the relationship between the idea of landscape, music and action. I put image, action and sound in relation with the desire to search for new landscapes that appear in the encounter of these three dimensions. To look for unnamable landscapes that appear in those places at the edge of the music, at the edge of the image and at the edge of the scene. Landscapes that have no form, or rather their form is not defined, they exist because they occur but they appear elusive, with unclear limits so that they cannot be named but observed. Their political potential lies precisely there, in the inability to name them and in the ecosystem and diversity they harbor.

Apoyatura is a bodily score that moves in semi-diffuse places that have to do with a bodily state that is close to rest, allowing me to feel the need for weight.with a bodily state that approaches rest, allowing me to feel the need for weight. I I am interested in inhabiting this space of ambiguity: a space similar to the place of being half awake, or half asleep, or half asleep. half-awake, or half-asleep, of a blurred attention that escapes from concreteness and enters into indeterminacy. indeterminacy, a place between control and uncontrol. I wonder what happens in that place so narrow and so delicate, that place that generates a constant but irregular tension between the I am between the I am controlling the situation and I am not controlling the situation, between the I am falling asleep or I am trying to keep myself in control. I'm falling asleep or I'm trying to stay awake. How does a body behave as it slowly relaxes, gradually gradually relaxes, lets its weight fall and at the same time tries to control this lack of control, tries to fight against this How does that intermediate point between the concrete and the scattered sound? How is this relation of opposites capable of delaying the conclusion or the answer? What is the music of this relation? What state of perception does this way of inhabiting time provoke? How does this way of inhabiting time and space condition the state of mind of the sound? In what way does the sound condition the physical state?

Co-produced by TNT Festival