Óscar Bueno


Vientos is the creation of a sonorous and visual time where everything that happens is due to the wind, the air in movement. It is a musical/scenic piece for four voices, a looper, several fans

Vientos is a sound space where everything that happens is due to the air in movement. It is a landscape and a concert for 4 voices and several fans. This work is part of a research project called Los paisajes ajenos where I put in dialogue the concert, the image and the action to produce new landscapes, or new ways of perceiving the landscape.

When you enter the space you put headphones on your ears and from there the journey begins. These headphones make the experience, although collective, go through a relationship of intimacy with what happens on stage and also produces an interesting relationship between what you hear and what you observe precisely because the voices of the performers are in your ear, but their body is far away. It is important the distance of the gaze, that the audience is far enough away to be able to observe the to be able to observe the totality of the landscape and the space that separates the scene from the audience.

On a musical level, the journey goes through different approaches to the wind: sometimes we listen to the wind itself (produced by the action of the air on the microphone), other times our voices become breezes; others, our voices are leaves moving in the air; others, rain; and others, they are songs (with their lyrics) that we like to think of as a new folklore about the wind.

The light and the image dialogue with the audio in such a way that the journey through the landscape transports us to unknown and strange places, but also to common places that belong to a collective imaginary around the mountain, the cold, calm and also brutal nature. We will find breezes, squalls, big hurricanes, soft rains, mountains, songs and words that are carried away by the wind.

Creación: Óscar Bueno en colaboración con Anto Rodríguez, Cuqui Jerez y María Jerez
Voces y cuerpos: Anto Rodríguez, Cuqui Jerez, María Jerez, Óscar Bueno
Composición: Óscar Bueno en colaboración con Anto Rodríguez, Cuqui Jerez y María Jerez
Asistencia espacio escénico: Javi Cruz
Diseño de iluminación: Dani Paiva de Miranda
Sonido: Adolfo Fernández García
Coproductores: Óscar Bueno y Dorothy Michaels
Con el apoyo de las Residencias Conde Duque, las ayudas a la creación contemporánea del ayuntamiento de Madrid y el programa de AC/E PICE Residencias.
14, 15 dicember 2023 - SUPERNOVA Festival (Madrid)l